Builders and House Refurbishment Bournemouth

Builders and House Refurbishments Bournemouth

Builders and House Refurbishment Bournemouth

For professional builders and house refurbishments in Bournemouth look to Hardy of Wessex, home developers, for premier renovation services. From the extensive planning by our architectures to the tradesmen who implement these designs, Hardy of Wessex will be with you every step of the way to create your ideal home.

Bournemouth builders and house refurbishment services

Our qualified builders and house refurbishment in Bournemouth services are available for old and modern properties. So whether you want to refresh your home comforts or are starting from scratch, Hardy of Wessex is a respected company for revitalising your property. Our renovation services include the following:

ConversionsBournemouth's Builders and House Refurbishment Solutions

If you want to make use of the space you have in your home we are happy to design rooms that fit your specialised requirements and desires. We want you to benefit from every space of your home. Our conversion service will help open up a number of possibilities for your property. We supply:

  • Loft conversions
  • Garage conversions
  • Basement conversions
  • Barn conversions

Your work will be supervised by a project manager who will see to every aspect of the renovation from the design to the build. We add life to the rooms that have previously been left abandoned.


Do you want to extend the space in your property? Extensions are a great benefit to add further freedom and design to your property without having to move house. It is worthwhile investing in an extension if you are thinking of expanding your family, for business or work related reasons, or if you’re just looking to add value to your property with contemporary housing plans. Our extensions are built with your property in mind. We choose products that match your existing house to subtly blend the design of your home with the modern renovations.


Despite being one of the smallest rooms of your home, Bathrooms play an essential role in the home. With our experienced Bournemouth builders and house refurbishments, we will design any bathroom to fit your personal needs and desire. We want you to enjoy your bathroom experience, and with our fitted lighting, plumbing, and tiles we aim to give the perfect finish to your bathroom designs.


Kitchens are an essential aspect of the home. Whether you a hosting a party or cooking dinner for your family, a well-designed kitchen will help the organisation and image of your home. At Hardy of Wessex, we provide professional kitchen designs and installations. The plumbing, tiling and architecture is implemented by a team of our qualified and experienced tradesmen. They will dedicate themselves to ensuring that our suites are individually constructed to suit your personal creative tastes.

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